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Galena Spring Carnival



Mark your calendars: Kids' Spring Carnival in Galena is scheduled for Saturday, March 3 and Sunday, March 4 on Alexander Lake. There will be snowshoe, ski, dog sled and kitty cat snowgo races for kids at various age groups. 

The middle school pentathlon team's "Students vs Teachers" Quiz Show will happen at the end of the carnival on the Sunday at the hall.  A more detailed schedule will be coming soon. 

Concessions will be available in the community hall, with proceeds benefiting the Galena Swim Team. 


Saving the 70's
Saturday Nights

Saving the 70's

'Saving the 70s' is hosted by Mike Walker, a 70s music and culture FANATIC! 'Saving the 70s' specializes in songs that traditional radio forgot, but you never will! And it's not just the music that'll keep you coming back...'Saving the 70s' is loaded with sound-bites from 70s TV, Movies, News Events, Commercials and more, presented at breakneck speed, as he races down the hall from the rest room before 'American Pie' runs out!

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