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Our Easter Contest has begun!

"Shadow Steel" Memorial Egg Hunt

Clues below- you may also get the clues on our Facebook page after each wireless announcement. 


How to Play:

(*outside Galena, see below for a contest specific to outlying villages)

Listen each day for clues to the daily egg hunt.  A new clue will be given at each wireless- morning, noon, and evening.  Once a hidden egg is discovered, please bring to KIYU to redeem for you CASH prize!  A new $100 CASH prize egg will be hidden each weekday!  On Saturday, a nesting of special prize eggs will be specially hidden for some family fun!

Day 1:

Clue 1: Seen topless all over the landscape from the 2013 flood, this coveted item is used for traveling more than luggage.

Clue 2:  With clue one you know where the egg is, and once you can find the 'clue giver" you can track down the egg!

Congrats to Keith Ramos our winner of the first $100 egg. He figured out Clue 1 was a tote and stalked Brian once he figured out Clue 2.

Keith discovering the hidden egg inside the tote after stalking Brian to his home. (Note: bribery sodas in hand just in case he needed them)

Day 2:

Clue 1:  This part of Galena may not agree that "new" is always better.

Clue 2: Running alongside Galena, this aids as a road system for the Winter season.

Clue 3:EGG FOUND!!! By Jerry Nollner Jr.

He figured out that the egg was near Old Town on the River at the site of Spring Carnival.

Brian presenting "Jay" with the money for the egg!

Day 3:

Clue 1:  No matter how it gets cleaned up, these are made in the winter season every the snow gets plowed.

Clue 2: If you find this egg it is very possible we will see you from KIYU.

Clue 3: During the Iditarod, the exact location was a popular place to visit when mushers arrived in Galena.

!!The egg is still out there so here is a Bonus Clue: 1,2,3,4,5-number 2 marks a good hide!!


Alvin Williams figured out that it was behind the 2nd Conex across from the radio station hidden in the snow.

Alvin with an extra $100 bucks just in time for the weekend!

Day 4:

Clue 1: Sometimes busy and sometimes not, you probably have been here a lot.

Clue 2: Lots of buildings are made from logs, so being made of wood isn't what makes this place unique.

Clue 3: Listen to Evening Wireless

And another winner!! Congrats to Paula Sommer. Paula found this egg under the Community Hall steps.

Day 5:

Clue 1:  Sometimes its quiet, sometimes its not.

Clue 2: Galena may be small, but like most any town there is one of these and you never know what may be going on there.

Clue 3: Listen to Evening Wireless


(When you find the nesting of eggs, bring only one per household to KIYU to redeem for prize.  No more than one prize will be given representing the same household or to the same person.)

One BIG Clue:

...keep listening...

*For Villages Outside Galena :

To be entered into a special drawing for EACH village, please mail your entry to:


P.O. Box 165

Galena, AK  99741

to win a Spring Prize Pack for EACH village! You many mail in multiple entries, but only ONE ENTRY PER ENVELOPE will be placed into the drawing. 

All entries must be postmarked by Good Friday, April 18th for the drawing which will take place the week after Easter. 

Hurry and get your entry to be in the drawing for your village in the mail today!   

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