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Guess the Mystery Picture!

WIN $100

Can you guess what this is? Guess correctly and you could win $100. Click here to e-mail us your best guess. On or around February 1st we will announce a winner who correctly guessed what is in the picture.

In the event of multiple correct guesses, we will hold a drawing with those correct guesses to select a winner. If these is no correct guess by February 1st, KIYU reserves the right to either continue or discontinue the contest or give clues to what the picture may be.

KIYU will not discuss if any guesses are "close" during contest time. KIYU will not respond to questions within the e-mails of guesses or acknowledge receipt of e-mails. Guesses will be accepted at the e-mail link above and not on Facebook. Questions about the contest will only be answered via phone at 656-KIYU (5498) or -1800-478-KIYU (5498).

Any KIYU listener can participate regardless of location. $100 prize will be awarded by check within 2 weeks of awarding prize.


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