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KIYU has a sale on merchandise. Check out some of the deals below. You can purchase in person at our offices in Galena or click the pay button below to pay online and get your stuff shipped (add $5.00 for shipping). State what item(s) you want and size(s), if applicable.

*We have limited sizes so you can e-mail us at to inquire.



                   2014 T-shirt                              2016 T-shirt



                                2015 Shirt                                              Hat



        Previous year's mugs                     2017 Mug



                     2017 Moose shirt and hoodie



2014-2016 T-Shirts $12.00

2017 T-Shirts $20.00

2014-2016 Mugs $5.00

2017 Mug $10.00

Hat $5.00

Hoodie $25.00






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