Need to put something on the KIYU Yukon Wireless?


Whether you are in Galena, Nulato, Huslia, Kaltag, Koyukuk, Ruby, St. Mary's or Fairbanks, we want to be of service. If you have an event, something for sale or a message that affects the KIYU listening area, we would love to put it on the air and here on the Yukon Wireless page. Here is how you can contact us. We ask that if you are part of a group or organization please designate one person to collect information for broadcast to avoid confusion.


Phone: 907-656-1488 or 1-800-478-KIYU (5498) Fax: 907-656-1734




Drop by: If you are in Galena, feel free to stop by and drop off your message. We might even have some coffee brewing.